UNEXMIN Timeline for 2017

The UNEXMIN project is on its second year – we started working in February 2016. After one year of major discussions, developments, doubts and certainties, we are entering the year of 2017 with a great sense of work. And there is a lot of important topics that need all the attention and work from the UNEXMIN consortium. The project is now starting a real crucial phase, where testing the scientific equipment and sensors in laboratory and real environment (in conditions similar to those in flooded mines: confined space, low visibility, etc…), further elaboration on mechanical and software aspects, that will ultimately lead to the construction of the first robotic prototype.

We expect the first UX-1 robot to be ready on the beginning of 2018. A year full of work and commitment is ahead of us!

See our timeline, with the most important goals, for the current here:

UNEXMIN Timeline 2017