UNEXMIN can be characterized as a very ambitious project that is developing a novel technology trend. Besides of these main traits, the project can also be considered as innovative and futuristic. We try to integrate all these features in our communication through all the project’s materials.


The logo used for the UNEXMIN project has a futuristic design in which the UX-1 robot is represented – as the dot in the “i”. The blue light coming from the robot represents the scanning feature it will employ and use, as this is the main scope of its development, and the white part represents what it discovers and becomes clear to us. The darkest blue color express the dark and still unknown areas of underground mines and other environments that are going to be “discovered” by the multi-robotic platform in the future.

Want to use our logo?

The UNEXMIN logo comes in many formats: original (seen above), black and white, with white background around it and in silver tinting (as used in the website). If you wish to use any of these versions of the UNEXMIN logo, please sent us a message through our Contact Form.