UNEXMIN GeoRobotics Ltd. is the successor enterprise of the UNEXMIN project.


The multi-robot platform will be commercially exploited as a geological consulting service. The company position itself as a R&D and commercial technology service provider capable of significantly extending the framework for mineral exploration and data acquisition methods, with robotic solutions (initially with underwater surveying) and integration of all available geoscientific data acquired for greenfield or brownfield deep deposits exploration/development, covering land, the continental shelf, ocean floor and other harsh and difficult to access areas.


  • Short-term goals: the application of the UX-1 robotic platform for commercial mine surveying, exploration and geoscientific purpose
  • Medium-term goals: the extension and development of the platform with more versatile robotic and geoscientific solutions, integrating land, under-water and airborne robotic surveying technologies into a unique commercial/R&D package that does not yet exist on the market. Delivering cost-effective solutions as main contractor in large mineral-exploration contracts
  • Long-term goals: the creation of a business and R&D ecosystem that bridges the gap between robotic technology providers and the raw materials sector, delivering novel terrestrial, underwater and planetary technology solutions and services for mineral exploration and extraction.


  • Immediate target market:
    •  Flooded shafts and tunnels of abandoned and operating mines
    • Underwater or flooded caves
    • Channel systems
    • Industrial cooling ponds, lakes
    • Other underwater installations/structures that cannot be surveyed by any other means.
  • Medium targets (5 years):

    • Complex surveys
    • R&D for more versatile robotic technologies in geoscience
    • Marine structure
    • Multi-phasic structures
  • Long-range targets (10 years):
    • Large complex surveys
    • Delivering R&D for civil defence; space
    • Wide range of solutions in the intersection of robotics and geoscience
    • Entering the junior mining sector with novel, proprietary and cost efficient solutions to find deposits and develop them using novel financing and technology means


For any business related matters, including obtaining UNEXMIN GeoRobotics services, please send a message to GEOROBOTICS @ UNEXMIN.EU or use the UNEXMIN page Contact Form.

  • UNEXMIN GeoRobotics

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