The H2020 UNEXMIN might be over, but further developments of the robotic platform UX-1 will continue with a new identity: UNEXUP, funded under EIT RawMaterials.

Starting this February, the UNEXUP project will, for the next three years, convert the Research and Development results from the UNEXMIN project into a commercial service to resurvey Europe’s flooded underground mines. Improvements will be made to the UX-1 research prototype, raising technology readiness levels (TRLs) to generate market interest.

Continuing from UNEXMIN, the same technology developers will be involved in strenghtening the platform’s hardware, software and capabilities, taking into account the lessons learned during UNEXMIN, as well as the research roadmap especifically developed for the UX-1 system. Pilots in 4 mines around Europe will certify the state of the technology to higher TRLs, making the UX-1 robots and the platform itself as close to the market as possible. Stakeholders‘ desires and needs, collected through constant interaction and communication with the raw materials and robotics communities will drive the development of the robotic system, in order to bring UNEXUP to a great end result.

A new partner in the team – the newly created joint company UNEXMIN GeoRobotics Ltd –  will be managing the business portfolio and development of the unique surveying technology for flooded environments. UNEXUP will be a joint effort from universities, research centres and private companies: A strong team, with proven achievements, is committed to make UNEXUP a successful project.