UNEXMIN will present at the Real-Time Mining Conference, October in Amsterdam

In two weeks from now, on the 10th and 11th of October, the Real-Time Mining conference will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The conference will count with four EU-funded projects as core organizers – and UNEXMIN is one of those projects.

This intra-european conference has as main objectives, (1) to bring together researchers related to innovation on resource extraction and (2) establish synergies and exchange ideas between different fields of activity – all related to the exploration and exploitation of mineral raw materials.

The topics for this conference will work around :

  • Positioning and material tracking
  • Automated material characterization
  • Resource modelling and value of information
  • Process optimization
  • Data management

During the two days the UNEXMIN project will be presented in the meeting with some important contributes: an overview of the project and talks about some of the most important scientific instrumentation that the UX-1 robot will employ. The latter will focus on the magnetic field analyser unit and the multispectral unit, instruments that are being specifically developed by the UNEXMIN team of University of Miskolc (UNIM).

Position of the instruments on the UX-1 robot: left) Magnetic field analyser unit; right) multispectral unit

We hope to give a positive contribution to the meeting, first by letting the audience know what we are developing as a new technology line. We aim to establish some profitable discussions that make the projects’ consortia to learn new ways to approach their own problems and difficulties, while working together.

UNEXMIN is bringing the raw materials, technology developers and robotics communities together!