UNEXMIN at the 3rd Meggen Raw Materials Days – International Seminar and Conference

The BDG (Professional Association of the German Geoscientists) invited its members as well as domestic and foreign experts to the 3rd Meggen Raw Materials Days at the Galileo Park, in Lennestadt-Meggen, from September 13-15, 2017. During the three days a total of about 150 geologists from Germany, England, Bulgaria, Switzerland and the United States answered the invitation. On the first day, a seminar supported by the European Federation of Geologist’s (EFG) – training endorsement programme – was offered for these participants, in order to ensure the prescribed continuous professional development program.

Audience at the 3rd Meggen Raw Materials Days

During the conference, a number of high-level speakers provided insights into the raw materials’ exploration, including salt, lignite and lithium in Germany, Ethiopia or Australia. Furthermore, presentations addressed current developments regarding various post-mining activities such as rehabilitation of ore mines, nature conservation on mining sites or mine water treatment. Other presentations on risk management in abandoned mining, novel drilling techniques in the area of tailing piles and the problems in salt cavern construction were also addressed.

The large interest of the audience in the UNEXMIN project has shown, once again, the relevance and the demand for the new cutting-edge UNEXMIN technology with manifold applications in the raw materials and mining sectors. Newly established contacts with relevant stakeholders will contribute to the successful accomplishment of the overall project and will ensure that the UNEXMIN project meets the user requirements during the development of the UX-1 robot.