UNEXMIN at the GEC Geotechnik expo & congress in Offenburg, Germany

The GEC Geotechnik expo & congress can be considered as one of the largest European trade fairs in the field of geotechnics and related aspects. Several lecture series with high-level speakers such as the President of the German Geological Survey and large booth areas provided an inspiring environment for enthusiastic discussions and exchanges among geologists from Germany and other European countries. As a new official cooperation partner, the European Federation of Geologists (EFG), who is a partner of the UNEXMIN project, attended this two-days long event, which is always supported by the Professional Association of German Geologists (BDG), for the first time.

Besides the presentation of the UNEXMIN project to a large geotechnics community, EFG Vice-President Michael Neumann and EFG Project Officer Peter Müller spread the word about the newly founded EFG Panel of Experts on Geotechnics.

Surrounded by geotechnical companies which range from rock consolidation technology over building foundation to air-borne drones, the UNEXMIN project was at the right place to gain much attendance at the EFG booth. Many discussions further proofed the relevance and the demand for this novel technology and will help to establish the anticipated spin-off company at the end of the project, that will offer the UNEXMIN technology to the market.