UNEXMIN is a European project focusing in geology, robotics and technology development. Due to this, the main stakeholders are within these fields of expertise. Below you can see a reference to the three main stakeholders groups and also the fourth stakeholder’s group, the general interested public.

Raw materials community: Geologists, representatives of mining and mineral exploration companies, SMEs specialised  on geological consultancy and SMEs specialised in surveying for mineral resources mapping/environmental impact studies related to mineral extraction.

Technology developers for minerals exploration: Industry and SMEs and academic research groups involved in the development of technology solutions for mineral exploration using geophysics , remote sensing and geochemical methods.

ICT and robotic solutions providers: Academic, private research organisations, and the industry developing ICT and robotics technologies.

General public: Science-aware persons who are interested in learning more about the developed technologies in the project.

Moreover, the possible stakeholders can be divided into three different categories and subcategories as shown in the table below.

List of stakeholders
Stakeholders categoryStakeholders subcategory
Future consumersMining companies – Geological Surveys – Mine owners – Geoheritage sites – National authorities – Industrial diving companies – Universities – Water supply companies – Nuclear facilities – Earth Science and Mining service providers – Environmental companies – Hydropower companies – Sea floor mining companies – Touristic sites (diving, caving…)
Future collaboratorsTechnology developers – Earth science and/or mining related Industry – Technical Universities – Sensor producers – Universities
Future investorsPrivate sector – Public sector: National authorities – Regional authorities – Local authorities – Other organizations directly financed by the State