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Institution: University of Miskolc
Contact person: Norbert Zajzon (
Summary: The University of Miskolc is the largest higher educational institution in Hungary. It has eight faculties, roughly 10,000 students, and about 1500 full-time academic staff. With its highly qualified academic staff, well-equipped laboratories, instruments and equipment, the University is a major research centre of national scientific research and technical development. The series of research activities going on at the university comprise fundamental, applied and development research in the following fields: natural, technical, social and medical sciences, as well as the humanities and arts.

EFG Linked Third Parties

EFG’s Linked Third Parties will support the UNEXMIN project through data collection for the upcoming Inventory of flooded mines. The Third Parties will also help to disseminate the results of the UNEXMIN project at national level in web portals, newsletters, conferences, workshopsor any other relevant means.

Association of Portuguese Geologists, Portugal
APG – Associação Portuguesa de Geólogos