July begins with a UNEXMIN meeting in Porto

The UNEXMIN consortium partners will gather together in Porto, Portugal, from the 4th to the 6th of July. The Advisory Board will be present at this meeting – a group of experts from the industry and academia.

The meeting that will happen next week, entitled “Progress Workshop”, will be very important for the development of the project. The following concepts, essential for the progress of UNEXMIN, will be discussed:

  • Mechanical design of UX-1
  • Building of the first robotic prototype that will start in the Autumn
  • Technical discussions about UX-1
  • Logistics discussions about the UNEXMIN technology and service

Among all the discussions, the technical teams will show the developments they have achieved so far. Like UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) partners, that will show their laboratory tests with a prototype of UX-1:

Next week there will be great news to share with everyone!