UNEXMIN kick-off meeting

The UNEXMIN project kick-off meeting took place in Miskolc, Hungary on the 18th to 19th of February, 2016. Thirteen organisations from seven countries across Europe are collaborating in an ambitious project to develop a submersible robotic system for the surveying and exploration of flooded mines. The €5M project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research programme, will include the development of a Robotic Explorer (UX-1) for autonomous 3D mine-mapping to gather valuable geological information which cannot be obtained in any other way: in general the mines will be too deep and dangerous for access by human divers.

A presentation, being held by one of the partners of the UNEXMIN project, in Miskolc.

A presentation held by one of the partners of the UNEXMIN project at the Miskolc meeting.

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