Underwater Explorer for Flooded Mines

UNEXMIN is one of the EU’s Horizon 2020 projects on the research and innovation programme. During the project lifetime, a novel robotic system will be developed for autonomous exploration and mapping of Europe’s innacessible and flooded mines. The Robotic Explorer, UX-1, will gather valuable geological and mineralogical information by using non-invasive methods for autonomous 3D mine mapping. The partners will have to overcome research challenges such as miniaturisation and adaption to deep sea technology, for such specific robotic application.

UX-1 will be launched in real life conditions, in a total of four sites, such as Ecton Mine, which is the most ambitious demonstration. Its harsh mine conditions made it innacessible for the last 150 years.

Ecton Mine

Ecton Mine

The Multi-robot Platform will represent a new technology line that is made possible by recent developments in autonomy research that allows the development of a completely new class of mine explorer service robots, capable of operating without remote control – such robots do not exist nowadays.

UX-1 will be the first of its kind!